by Sudatsuga

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The original Saiyeed EP features the first 3 Sudatsuga recordings ever and a collaborative piece between Graham Reich and Mark Lingebach (Snake Fetus, Solar Mass, Lambsbreath, and Backwards Riding) under the name Karmachron

Download comes with full artwork from Graham Reich


released November 25, 2011

All songs written by Graham Reich
Artwork by Graham Reich
Mixed and produced by Graham Reich and Max Huberdeau

Lizard Molt Malt written and recorded by Graham Reich and Mark Lingelbach



all rights reserved


Sudatsuga Victoria, British Columbia

Sudatsuga is musican and visual artist Graham Reich (火krähe, Pseudosuga, Tak Suga, Snake Fetus, Solar Mass, Karmachron, Mattamantis)

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Track Name: Sickly Moon
Ah, although I lust, I know no better yet
Though I see you, blazing sun
I'm yet to be bathed in your moonlit glow
Transparent veils of imperfection, they are there
She, she will be bare
I miss the pollen, I miss the nectar
I miss our skin in knots

Gimme light, gimme sunshine
Gimme all you got so we can feel fine
Breath, breath, breath for me
Be, be, simply be
Be my sickly moon
Track Name: Sun Drips
Sun still smiles for all of us
Stave, stave, stave
Staving stars and singing soundly
Sun still smiles for all of us

Sun drips on summer lips
The leaves glow
The roots grow
Some drips and some are lips
The leaves glow
The roots grow

I try to say like
If they say heavy, it makes it so
Slow I go, my love stays on her pedestal
If they say like
My fingers splay
Settle on groping, yeah what you think I'll say
So what is that you think I'll say?

That I will lie
Think I say "Oh my, what a lovely lay,"
Oh no
I breath, I breath for that lovely glow
Well I would kill for that lovely glow
Track Name: Patchouli Sonata
Her red hair, like a flame
Draws down and dismantles the truth
The truth of a thousand lies (lives)

I'm not your wedding ring
I'm just a zebra bound in chains
And when I'm rusting through your veins
Alone in crowds I'm poised with butane
Alone in crowds I'm poised with butane

I'm hungry for your past again
Must I earn your heart through pain?
Oh, would would you love me all the same
I've got a bottle raised and I'm bottoms up in shame
I've got a bottle raised and I'm bottoms up in your name
I've got a bottle raised and I'm bottoms up in shame

Goddess is, God this is, Godlessness, God misses Goddesses
God is like, God is sin, God is light, God's within
(Mirror like, mirrors lie, mirror like, like my lie, goodbye
Mirrors like, mirror lie, mirrors like, this is my goodbye)

If there's a letter you fancy
I already wrote it
That's where I seal my oaths with honey
Just to get some sympathy
Just to get some sympathy
Track Name: Lizard Molt Malt (Karmachron)
Breath, breath
Close your eyes and say goodbye
Don't be afraid of me cause' I'm just a lizard in its own skin
Daydreaming never felt so right
When I'm sleeping, I think about you all night